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I had mentioned in my earlier post that I am upgrading the blog and would like to have each one of you to be there with me. The process is almost done. I have made arrangements for all my followers to be with me.My email followers would be notified about my posts as before and there would be no changes and so you guys need not worry….:)

To my WordPress followers, please make sure that you Subscribe from my new site ( http://www.jenycooks.com) to receive emails on new posts, or else you may be able to see my posts only at the reader and may miss out my posts.

I would like to have each one of you with me in my journey and I look forward to be linked with each one of you.

Thanks you once again for the kind support and encouragement that you all have given me till date and I expect the same in the future too.




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It has been almost a year and a half  that I have started blogging and it has truly been a wonderful experience. New learning, new contacts, new horizons and the growing has been so much fun and exciting. 

I now plan to have an up-gradation of my blog as a part of my growing and I would like to inform all my followers that I would be upgrading soon ( within a matter of days to a new platform). I shall be posting the latest details very shortly and  you could also find me posting the updates at my Facebook page and Pinterest page.

Every like, every comment and every follower ( either mail , through RSS or other means) have only encouraged me to get better and better. If not for each one of your support and encouragement, I may not have been where I am today. I expect the same kind of support and encouragement in my future endeavors. 

Please do visit me at my new site and shower me with the same support and love you all have showed me till now...( my new site would be named as jenycooks.com).

I thank each one of you for being with me and showing constant encouragement and I expect to meet you all there soon. Like and follow my Facebook page and Pinterest page for latest updates.

Once again, thanking you all.



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Palak Broccoli Chapatti


As the name says it all, it is totally a mix of veggies in here. The main intention behind this is, as always stated, to get my kids have in good and healthy food, in a way that they like. Mixing in vegetables to the different foods they have is the only way that I could get them have some veggies in them.

There are many ways in which I have made them get veggies. The Palak Chicken was one where palak was made into a paste and added to the chicken. The Mixed vegetable chapatti is yet another where many other different kinds of veggies were added in and made and the list goes on.

This is simple, yet very delicious and just a cup of  spiced up curd for a dip, would make it all more tasty and you could get your family have a healthy start for the day.

Palak Chapatti


Servings – 9-10 


1 Cup Wheat Flour

1/4 cup finely chopped Palak

1/4 cup finely chopped Broccoli

1/4 Cup warm Milk

1 tbsp Oil or Ghee

Water needed to make a dough.

Salt as per requirement


.  In a bowl, add in all the ingredients, except water and mix with clean  hands.

. Then, make the mix to a dough by adding in water little by little. Let the dough stand for 10-15 minutes.

.  Roll out small lemon size balls from this dough.

. With the help of a rolling pin, flatten these small balls to thin rounds, dipping in flour occasionally.

. On to a hot pan, cook these flattened breads for about 5-10 seconds on each sides or till cooked.

. Serve Hot with a cup of Spiced Curd.

Tips –  For the spice curd, you just have to sprinkle some red chilly powder and pepper powder and mix, the curd gets spiced.

Palak Broccoli Indian Bread

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A very good information that we all should be knowing….Thanks Cheftress

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Step 11 – Go for a firm handshake

A nice and firm handshake feels really well and shows that you carry a positive feeling for the newly acquainted person. It plays a key role in building trust between people who have just got to know each other, be it personal, business of friendly relations.  Remember that starting any acquaintance with a casual handshake shows the lack of confidence and good feelings for the other person. Also starting a new relationship with a person, without giving them a gesture like handshake shows lack of trust and friendliness. Thus, it is good to mirror the other person’s handshake as it matches  their expressions.

Step 12 – Study Others

When you start changing your own body language or start using some tips given to get better response from your conversations, it becomes equally important that you start studying others and their body language. Like your own body language reflects your inner self, so goes with the other person in conversation. When you admire certain people and want to be like them, you are more likely to learn by carefully observing them. Also, if there are certain people whom you dislike, you must be alert not to repeat the gestures that make them repulsive in your conversation with someone. Thus by studying others, you can bring striking changes in your own body language.

Step 13 – Lower your voice and tone

People with a loud tone or voice are often counted as dominating. There are some places like debates and speeches where they do well but on a personal conversation it goes really negative on their front. If your case is such, it is important to put in deliberate efforts to lower down your tone and volume. A pleasant level of baritone is always welcoming and will pose you as a polite and poised person. Like our gestures present your confidence and honesty, your tone and speech volume determine your elegance and down to earth attitude.

 Step 14 – Never scratch your head

Scratching your head or moving your fingers through your hair can create an image of casualness in your attitude and make you sound unintelligent. This is a part of mannerisms and counts in your etiquettes in any kind of conversation. A person who is usually putting his/her hands in the head or in twirling their hair is seen as inattentive and disinterested people. So, stop this habit completely by checking yourself every time your hand tries to reach your head as this will actually improve your own confidence and make your feel aware and alert of the surroundings.

Step 15 – Do not bite your nails

Not that biting your nails displays a poor confidence level or nervousness, but it is a distraction and also not a good manner. It reflects your inner confused self and is not good to see. You usually tend to bite nails when you are in deep thinking. You should avoid biting nails as it is not a sign of positive body language and can prove negative in any conversation’s results.

 Step 16 – Sit in an engaging position.

An engaging position is essential to make your confrontation possible with someone. Usually two people seated and conversing have a table or desk separating them and one can try to sit at an inclination at 45 degree. It makes the position comfortable and provides the space essential for an efficient communication. This is suitable for mirroring and engaging in other person’s talks.

Step 17 –  Never be dramatic

Don’t act while you talk or convey anything to someone. Be it a fact, an experience, an explanation or an answer that forms the conversation, you must not overact and make exaggerations of expressions or gestures. Be careful about the choice of your words as well as never use exclamatory remarks repeatedly, as an overuse creates an impression of fakeness. Do not think that you can impress others by posing something. Being honest and acting like your own self is important to make a conversation sensible. Never act smart as people are smarter than you.

Step 18 – Do not touch face often

Touching your face while talking is a sign of dishonesty. People touch their face when they are nervous or afraid of confrontation. They comfort themselves by placing their hand on the face. Many people do it unknowingly and consider it a normal gesture that doesn’t interrupt the flow of conversation. However the person you are talking to can see your under-confidence hidden beneath your words and may not be able to trust what you say. You must therefore be careful and have control when your hand tries to reach your face.

Step 19 –  Trust Others

It is important to believe in the person you are conversing to actually carry on a fruitful conversation. Without adequate trust, you shall fail to benefit from following any tips. You should first understand the other person’s relation with you, be it personal, business or professional and base your conversation on a mutual trust. Your body language will carry confidence and frankness only if there is an element of trust in the other person.

Step 20 –  Relax

Having learnt about the ways to see changes in your body language, you must have somewhere felt overdosed. So this final day tip is to keep your tension away. Learn to relax and comfort yourself. The more comforted and natural you are ,the easier it shall be for you to adapt to the suggestions for improvement and see yourself as an improved and confident person with a positive body language.

By understanding what looks good and what doesn’t as a part of your communication skills, you can see dramatic difference in the engagement factor with others by means of your body language. For those who have been lacking socializing skills owing to poor body language, this is definitely a Good News. Other than social habits, an improved body can help generate a new confidence in you as you walk up to interview panels

Although no gesture is universal, yet we have tried to share with you more frequently derived meanings of certain gestures and habits of certain people. Cultural differences may result in the distinction of appropriateness or inappropriateness of certain ways to behave. In addition to the tips given above, another one is to close your eyes and visualize yourself behaving in a particular way or giving certain gestures. Self-observation can help improve your body language to quite an extent.

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When the new year begins with great appreciations, there is nothing else that makes you so happy and sweet, especially when being nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.

I am extremely thankful to Rabbit Can Cook, who has nominated me with this  Sweet Award.

As the name itself says, it is super sweet and she is indeed really sweet. Great Bento ideas is what her blog is about.

Here are the rules for the Super Sweet Blogging Award:

1. Give credit to the person who chose to nominate you.
2. Answer the “Super Sweet” questions.
3. Nominate a “Baker’s Dozen (13) blogs.

Super Sweet questions:

1. Cookies or Cake? Cake.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

3. What is your favorite sweet treat? Anything, mostly I go with cakes and desserts.

4. When do you crave sweet things the most? No special occasions as such, anytime , lol

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Now that is confusing,hmmm

Some of the really sweet bloggers that I nominate are:

The Cake Sisters

Vina`s Delicious Recipes

Cant Stay out Of the kitchen


Love The Secret Ingredient

At 350 degrees

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Chai Chocolate Truffles

I have tried this and it is worth it…..

Feeding your Appetite

Chai chocolate truffles

I have taken longer than usual to post a recipe as I was en-route to India, followed by an onslaught of jetlag and a plethora of friends and family to catch up with. Amidst all this frenzy, I am basking in the immense pampering that comes with visiting my parents’ and relishing the diverse foods of Mumbai that I so miss in DC. Not only do I miss the food, but also the importance that is placed on all meals, specifically breakfast.

Breakfasts are an elaborate affair in most Indian households, especially at my parents’ place. While the menu is ever evolving, a staple at their breakfast table is an abundance of heart-warming cups of masala chai. Masala chai is a tea drink prepared by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs. The combination of spices and herbs may vary but green cardamom and…

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